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7th Grade English


Course Description


This course focuses on the important aspects of   grammar and spelling, and written and verbal communication.


 Course Outcome


Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:


  1. recognize correct grammar and usage
  2. demonstrate appropriate word choice
  3. recognize correct sentence structure
  4. use correct capitalization and punctuation
  5. use appropriate organizational skills for writing\revising
  6. recognize and use spelling words correctly



Required Materials


  1. notebook/loose leaf paper
  2. pen\pencil
  3. dictionary
  4. binder with dividers and tabs



Student Responsibility


To accomplish the course outcomes, students are expected to come prepared for discussion of any material covered in class. Students are expected to successfully pass and complete all class work, homework, and regular tests.


Grading Policy


25% Final Exam (Nine Weeks Test)


50% Tests


25% Daily


   Student’s grade depends upon attendance, participation, and quality work. Along with successful tests and daily work, students are required to write weekly essays in the specific mode of writing.



Letter Grades



A   100-90


B   89-80


C   79-70


D   69-65


F   Below 65



Classroom Rules


1.      Be Quiet

2.      Be Seated

3.      Be Prepared

4.      Do Not Talk While Teacher\Subsitute talks

5.      Do Not Talk When Intercom Comes On

6.      Raise Your Hand For Attention

7.      Raise Your Hand To Speak




Name on Board: Warning (Student Conference)

One Check: Parent Contact\Student Conference

Two Checks: Parent Contact\Student Conference

Three Checks Parent Contact\Student Conference

Severe Disruption: Immediately sent to office with referral